Spreadable Chocolate

Spreadable Chocolate

Spreadable chocolate is a real bliss, isn´t it. I make it often at home. I love it. You can make it in so many ways, as healthy as you want it and as tasty as you want it. I made this recipe some years ago, for my Book, Chocolate treats, and I have made it many times after that.

– Yummy for my tummy –

It is pretty easy to make to, so go for it.

What shall I do with it?
Hmm…. great question …
Except just eating it as it is on a spoon, which will lift your day just like that;
You can use it:

  • for cakefillings
  • on your favorit bread
  • on biscuits
  • fill the bottom of an ice cream cone with it
  • as an extra goodie with your fruit sallad
  • dipp strawberries in it
  • in the chocolate part of your brain you can find more idees  …

You want the recipie?

You got it … 

Spreadable Chocolate
55g hazelnuts
50g dark chocolate (I use Blanxart origen Ghana)
105g cream
36g water
30g raw sugar
30g coconut nectar
30 ml raw cacao powder (I use Pacari)
2,5 ml vanilla powder

1. Mix the nuts in a mixer to a fine powder.
2. Chop the chocolate and melt in a water bath. Let cool down.
3. Pour everything into the mixer and mix to a smooth mass.
4. Pour into a fine glass jar.
5. Enjoy

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