Zebeda Chocolate chocolate bar coconut milk

Zebeda Chocolate chocolate bar coconut milk.

This chocolate is enormously good. Love the feeling in my mouth. It goes beautiful with a cup of smooth cafe latte. You can make a latte with normal milk or choose a vegan alternative like coconut milk, oat milk or something else of your choice.

This chocolate is totally Vegan, it is gluten free, it is soja free and it is free from white sugar. The only thing it is sweetened with is the nectar from the coconut palm, so coconut sugar. Coconut sugar in it self has a bit of a caramel taste, really good. It feels good in in the belly eating so pure chocolate with only good raw materials.

Did you try it yet?

You better do!

Go to your closest shop and ask for it or go directly to www.zebeda.se.

Do you have a nice shop close by where you live, where you would like to see this chocolate in; just give us a call, a mail, a comment and we´ll contact them for you.

Keep in touche.

Wish you a happy day full of chocolate.

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